Gamers Community provide sponsorships to various content creators and sponsored parties however we do have a minimum requirement criteria, in order to be qualified

Requirements are as follows

  • If you own a YouTube channel you will need to have no less than 7k-10k subscribers;
  • If you own a Twitch channel you will need to have no less than 5k followers and an average of 20 viewers or higher during live streams;
  • Professional behaviour;
  • Minimum age of 18 years;
  • Follow our rules and code of conduct;

Gamers Community will not ask for any value of money in return at all times, as we provide the sponsorship in order to grow the Network and create a good place for talented people in the gaming industry and in our Community.

To apply for Sponsorship please contact GC-Goddess ( GC – Goddess#0649 ), GC_Archery ( GC_ARCHERY#4189 ) via Discord, you can find both our Discord and TeamSpeak links below:

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